Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Communication & Cyberspace sect. 4 & epil.

I found flaming to be a very interesting part of this chapter.  The book listed over ten different definitions that were all interesting and all had the same underlying meaning of vulgarity and unpleasantness on the computer.  My favorite definition is "rudeness, profanity, exultation, and other emotional outbursts by people when they carry on discussions via computer."  People now use the internet all the time.  Flaming is something that happens all the time on the internet.  We can see it on social networking sites or on the videos people post on YouTube.  
The above video is satirical but it gets the point across of what people do on the internet that is wrong, specifically in this case Facebook.  People can use blogging, twitter, facebook, myspace and other forms of new media to influence people with their  flaming.  People do not have to participate in flaming to be affected.  I had never thought about this until I had read this section.  When you write something on the internet it will never go away.  And writing hateful messages on the internet and on social networking sites like Facebook is terrible.  The first Amendment is used here but when you are applying for a job or trying to meet knew people and the first thing they see is hateful messages about people they know or ex-boyfriends/girlfriends they will be turned away.  Having something written down that is impolite and hurtful can be detrimental especially with the internet because nothing is truly erased, deleted, or gone.


  1. Writing bad comments on Facebook about your activities,friends,or family members would be the reason for breaking your relationships. Facebook can be a reason for so many misunderstandings, this is negative side of Facebook. Can people sue each other because they comment rude to their picture on Facebook? I dont think so.

  2. I love this video. It is so true that people these days are using social media to broadcast their every move, especially in relationships. Plenty of relationships have had problems based on what is being posted online. This is one of the negatives of these social networking sites; the overshare of personal information.

  3. The video posted is great example of the type of people that are on Facebook. Facebook is a wonderful website, but if use out of content, "or break any of those funny rules". You can get yourself into big trouble, or get someone else into trouble. You will always find arguments on someone else's facebook page, or twitter page: especially twitter. I remember reading a argument against a rapper name joe budden and actor marlon waynes they both were cursing at each other about not making any money in their careers. Later the police got involved because it started to get serious.