Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New New Media Ch. 1-6

Youtube is a wonderful media.  In its young life it has transformed the way we view entertainment and media.  In the past it was hard to find videos of past events or shows.  Now because of how accessible Youtube is we can watch events that happened before we were born or re-live certain events.  I recently had to write an essay about 24 hour news coverage and what events would keep the media going.  Being able to go on a website like Youtube was a blessing.  I was able to watch clips of the Berlin Wall falling which I was not able to see until this website was introduced. 

Youtube can also be used to watch shows that you missed or watch upcoming Movie Trailers.  Youtube really is something that is unbelievable.  It is a free medium where anybody can watch clips of their favorite movies or watch an important event like what has happened in Egypt. 

Youtube is also for people who want to post their own videos.  It is a place to express yourself.  Many artists are becoming famous because of this website.  Justin Beiber, for instance, was a nobody and then he posted a video of himself singing and became a sensation.  Athletes are now posting themselves on Youtube so they can get scouted to the best universities.  This has become the new generation.  It is a way for people to get their information as quickly as possible and watch small clips without watching the full movie to get to their favorite part.  


  1. In my opinion YouTube is a new advertising medium. YouTube made it so easy for people to advertise their selves, business or their work on Internet. YouTube is a free product and offers you a good chance that your video would become a sensation in minutes or days. For free you can bring millions to your business.

  2. how about reflecting on your own experiences with the medium (note that it is singular, media is plural).