Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chapters 4-6

What I enjoyed most about the reading was the Magic Book. Even when I was younger, I often dreamed about flying into the pages of the fairy tale and becoming part of the story. It makes this a reality for everyone today using a normal book as a main interface project. A person can look at the pages and see these 3D virtual reality models appearing off the pages. It makes me wonder where else you can use this technology. Productions for concerts and special events would benefit from this by being able to show exactly what is planned. Building architects would be able to show a virtual model of what they intend on building. I would even imagine that football coaches would be able to make great use out of this to show different plays. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but in a world where anything is possible maybe not. These new technologies let us have an interactive experience of the content rather than a medium just delivering information.
Bricolage was also interesting to me because it is used not only in art, but I would imagine in fashion, interior design, and theatre. I believe that interactive television has the ability to change television as a medium when it does finally arrive. From a business perspective, corporations would benefit from interactive television by increasing programming ratings and advertising revenue. Advertising would be turned into active direct response mediums where viewers can respond to offers with a click of the remote control. Results will also be able to be tracked instantly. Viewers would also be able to vote and/or rate content, post comments, and participate with shows.


  1. Chapter 4-6

    I must agree with you Libby, the magic book was the interesting topic out of all the chapters. As a child every kid love books with great eye catching images,to keep the reader interested. The fact that the magic book created an book interface between the reader, and augmented reality was simply amazing. The Magic Book creator were students and researchers from the Human Interface Technology Lab. They made books come to life. The images from the book just jump from the pages. In my opinion this was wonderful invention. Because in this magic book there's a person that readers the book for you while the images are moving and jumping from the page. This takes bed time story to a whole new level. With this magic book parents don't have plan out time to read their child a bed time story.

  2. Yes, entering into the world of a book, or a picture, is a longstanding fantasy. And it speaks to the idea that all media are environments.

  3. I loved magic book! The idea is so cute and really is something that every child wants.