Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reflection Chapters 4-6

As I was reading about the Magic Book, I noticed that this invention is a great way to read and experience the world of the book.  This book carries us "right through the myth of transparency."  This is not the first time though that technology has transported people to a different reality.  Major Action/Adventure films and Fantasy films are now being shot for IMAX and 3D which if done properly can immerse the viewer into another world.  Xbox has a new game called "dance kinect" where the gamer can do the steps on the screen with out a remote and the game will judge you on how well you imitated the game.  Technologies like this that completely immerse the gamer, reader, or viewer is dropping this transparency. 

I think Fakeshop is an interesting.  As I was reading I thought about how our brains work and how we are able to see different images at once to keep ourselves from being bored.  Fakeshop also uses the World Wide Web as a way of presenting the digital art.  Ever since the end of the twentieth century the Web has become more and more popular.  Many people at a time will have at least 3 to 4 windows open on their computers.  I know I am guilty of this.  Because our brains work this way now and need to be entertained by exciting new things which the internet can provide to active brains.  They say that television has taken print literacy.  I agree that TV has changed our media and the way people learn and respond.  I do not like that books are now able to be purchased electronically so that someone can read them on a kindle.  I feel that it takes away from the book.  But everything has to evolve no matter how close we hold the things we love like a good worn out book instead of an LED screen that can either read me the book or let me flip through its pages.

As I was reading about the T-Garden I kept thinking about Dance Kinect from Xbox.  The T-Garden shows how "digital design can be physical and embodied."  I found that I would really love to do something like the T-Garden.  It is a great way of embracing the digital world.  It shows us that we can again immerse ourselves into its design.   This digital art discusses the myth of disembodiment were we leave our bodies and enter our mind.  There was a TV show called Doll House were people would get rid of their personalities and just be a brainless "doll" and if they were needed they would be given different personalities to whatever a client wanted from the "doll."  I feel like disembodiment is a scary thing.  I know that is a weird example but in the show a computer is able to erase a person completely.  Recently Jeopardy has started using a computer called Watson who answers the questions that Trebek asks.  Our society has reached a point where a computer can now replace a human or be a brain without the body. 


  1. Again, I'd point to the Wii as breaking ground commercially in this area. As for Watson, that's all well and find, beyond being a calculator, the computer as electronic brain and artificial intelligence is a longstanding notion, but it stands in contrast to the idea of the computer as experience and environment.

  2. The Wii and Connect are such breakthroughs. You think about 'immersion' that is it.