Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chapters 7-9

I found Terminal Time to be a very interesting way to interactively create historical narratives. The images and text can be communicated more effectively especially since it mirrors what you enjoy. Terminal time is a look into history, which is very important to me so I found this very engaging. I think that Windows and Mirrors gave us a tour of the digital art and its historical antecedents in the Siggraph. It showed us a walk through the electronic art gallery with reflective or transparent views. Digital art is relevant to technologists as it enables them to experimentally design and “…many leaders in the design community have come to realize the importance of cultural awareness and cross-cultural sensibilities.” This book shows us how interactive art and designs can be manipulated by the viewer. Overall, I found this book to show me another world that I haven’t seen or thought about. Technology moves faster than I can keep track of, but this showed a very transparent view.


  1. The key here being the interactivity, which also makes a statement about the subjectivity of history.

  2. Our society really has become one of interactivity. Something that I don't think we really were so much before the last 40 years.