Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I think(looking back on the material) in chapter 2-the authors allusions to how programmers create the "Illusion " of the user being in "Full control" is pretty clever giving the user the perception that they are clicking on,lets say, an Icon and that action opens up a folder gives the user the illusion of simplicity-even though that simple "click" set off a cascade of of instructions for the computer to translate then carry out.
This can apply to how we obtain our news and entertainment as well. Sometimes we browse through websites,watch the news, get podcasts,read twitter updates,watch vlogs-all of this at the click of a mouse but yet same time the process it takes for these mediums to be set up and put into place is not fully experienced by the user.


  1. Good comment on media and interfaces, and in many ways the medium is the interface.

  2. Do you think that online media and advertising will change in the coming years?