Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Reflective Ramblings

The written word has always been of the utmost importance to the human race. Through these intimate interactions with the page, people are able to interpret, understand, and above all else imagine what the author is trying to portray. It is not the apparent usefulness of opposable thumbs that gives humans the aura of a higher purpose then that of other animals, but the basic and rudimentary skill that we can remember the past, live in the present, and imagine the future.

Mans imagination is infinite. Only through this mind’s eye can we see the possibilities of the future. Without this crucial tool, or as some philosophers name it the essence to the true soul, none of the amazing and wondrous innovations of the past would have existed; this true of the digital revolution too.

The digital world creates alternate realities, different dimensions that can mirror ours. Sometimes they are poles apart from our real selves such as dystopian dynasties and virtual reality that takes us to places that don’t existent. At other times we see a likeness so similar that it opens doors to creative thought and philosophic consideration, but the timeliest, the most important form of this digital universe for the coming age of our world as we know it, will be seen in the manifestations of our world seen through slanted light, of our world with a slight tint. These slight changes to the very fabric of society breed such an eerie familiarity and yet utter strangeness to our consciousness. It is these windows that we must look to as we, slowly but surely, place the ever-changing world in our hands.

Instead of looking at the world as it stands perhaps we should first wander through the looking glass and ponder life slanted through fiction in order to make justified decisions about our futures. Through skewing our present realities we can see more then just the surface reflection of our problems. We gaze deeper into the human condition, able to identify traits in ourselves that may not be positive, but are part of us and a major component of who we are.

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  1. interesting musings, suggesting the distinction between picking up a book as an object, and exploring an environment...