Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chapter 7-9 reflection

I believe that the whole aspect behind Terminal Time is very relevant to the world we live in today and what lies in store for future generations. People engage and learn more when things are interactive, which means that by having something like electronic galleries people are more prone to participate. We are all surrounded by this age of new technology and new media so things such as history become irrelevant to us because many feel it is not important. This shows us how things have changed. It is no longer a matter of just opening up a book and reading information, it is becoming a part of the learning process. I find the idea behind Wooden Mirror and Text Rain very interesting and think that it definitely has the potential to be something great and spark new interest.


  1. Glad you agree, but a little more elaboration would be welcome.

  2. I thought 'Text Rain' was a very cute idea. I like the play on words and interaction.