Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reflection chapter 4-6

I enjoy reading; I love books in general. Reading about the Magic Book was very interesting. Being that I am always surrounded by young children, their imagination and creativity is contagious. Because so many adults these days are overwhelmed with work and the busy lives they lead, they often forget how to use their imaginations. The concept behind the magic book might help adults become more in tune with their inner child. If you look at current media, these 3D movies have become overwhelmingly popular as well as the new televisions which enhance the 3D experience right at home. Some people may be opposed to all of these new things, but I think we have to learn to accept these changes because nothing ever remains the same and we definitely live in a society of frequent change. The way we adapt and how long it takes us to adapt is what remains to be a primary issue.


  1. This is ok, but I'd like to see something more substantial addressing the specifics of the item, though.

  2. I love 3D movies and my Mum does too. She'll see any movie just cause it's in 3D no other reason. Maybe one day they will lose their charm on us.