Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Language of New Media Ch. 1-3

When I think new media, I automatically think computers. This is the case for most people. Language of New Media, reinstates the theme of remediation that was ever so prevalent in “Windows and Mirrors.” New media is the result of improving upon older media to increase efficiency. This process has caused a technological revolution and one of the most prominent traits being picked up along the way is being digital. There was a time when one would have to awake early in the AM, go to the local store, and pay for a newspaper. Today the newspaper has been revolutionized. Most newspapers are available online for free. Not only can one get the news, but not he or she can comment on the articles, get updates throughout the day on featured stories, and search classified listings up to the minute. The example of the newspaper shows that old media is not being left behind, but instead being revamped.
            Manovich see the cinema as being more prominent than real time technology such as the telephone. He believes the cinema is easier to become immersed into. I think this opinion is entirely subjective. I concentrate better on a movie and experience it at a higher intensity when I watch it at home. The television size has nothing to do with my experience, nor the dark theatre. I believe a person’s movie experience depends on his or her comfort level. The more comfortable you are, the less distracted you are, and the easier it is to be immersed in the movie.


  1. Good to see you make a connection between the books.

  2. I think computers too, but the more I read the more I see that there are lots of other things too.