Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chapter 1 and 2 New Media

Media convergence is basically what new media is, before the modern digital computer was developed to perform calculations on numerical data more efficiently for scientist and government usage only. For example the Analytical Engine, Babbage’s invention, he started a innovation, but never really completed his mission. His vision of his massive brass, steam powered, and general-purpose, mechanical computer couldn’t be used to its highest potential due to a lack of current electricity, but his mechanical computer inspired some of the great minds of the nineteenth century. Back in the fourteenth century, the printing press had a revolutionary impact on the development of modern society, now the computer is having a major impact on new media today. Almost anything can be found and view on the computer. The computer is a means for exhibition and distribution. Now the computer is use as venue of creation, imagination, and alteration making it a form of new medium. According to the book, “computer media revolution affects all stages of communication, including acquisition, manipulating, storage and distribution; it also affects all types of media.” Working as a Publicity Executive for Student Life I use the computer to create flyers and magazine covers. My computer proves me with a paper-like interface image, giving me that virtual feel of how the flyers is going to look once its printed out, giving me the transparent feeling.

Human computer interface HCI stands for: the way the user interacts with their computer. You can manage files, organize your own documents according to you preference, and express one on written computer documents. In this chapter it talks about how “we are no longer interfacing to a computer but to culture encoded in digital form.” When I read this it made me realize how users really get lose in the virtual world of computing. The interface these days are remarkable, for example computer games. A user can play a computer game for hours; they get lose in their own virtual dimension.


  1. Understanding new media as an environment that we become immersed in is essential.

  2. I am at fault of losing track of time when playing a video game, it's something that we need to make sure we understand so that we can make better choices.