Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chapters 3-4

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; everyone looks at computers and has a different perception. The beginning of chapter 3 talks about how new media designer approaches the computer through many different cultural filters. The possibilities are endless. In this chapter Manovich wanted to talk about understanding the language of new media; software programs enable new media designer and artists to create new media objects, and at the same time realize another filter that shapes their imagination; the possibility of what an artist can do with a computer is mind boggling. The book gives great examples for me to really understand this concept, digital media players such Windows 98 Media Player, or RealPlayer all inmate the media machine of a VCR. They both provide similar commands such as play, stop, and rewind and fast forward; they make new media simulate old media” I feel like this can apply for ITunes replacing consumers purchasing albums. You can both purchase songs, and burn CDs of tracks for you own personal usage. Apple is really testing cultural filters, the Mac computer has a program called Garage Band that inmates a recording studio; anyone and everyone can be an artist or a producer. According to the book new media objects are rarely created from scratch they are made from ready made parts.

Also I want to talk about how illustrations are so life like these days. For examples Zeuxis’ paintings lifelike grapes that birds in the sky believe that they were real fruit. If a painting can cause something like this to happen; image the possibilities of 3D graphics on computer games. My freshman year I had a roommate that didn’t attend classes, and didn’t even leave the room for any social events because of his intense gaming experience. He was lost in the virtual computer games world; he will wake up and put his headphones on and play an online game for hours. Technology is simply amazing, and limitless.


  1. interesting thoughts, but is there a point here?

  2. Old media remix into New Media. Identifying the similarities is my main point.

  3. I guess every form of media is an 'attachment' to another. We are always building on them