Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chapter 1-2 Cyberspace

I love this book because it made me realize that Cyberspace is its own form of space. For example, people’s bank account instants, they deposit money hard hand cash into a machine, not knowing where it’s going. Yea it’s going to your bank account, but think where? It’s floating around in cyberspace wanting still at your deposal. Cash is the visual representation of how much you have. You can use your body senses to know that this is money. You can touch it, count it, see it, and even taste it (wouldn’t recommend). But, once you put it into an account you exchange your hard copy of money for recipe a paper document afflicting the amount shown of how much you put in. Now to think, where has this money gone? Your money transfers electronically though cyberspace, making your money work for you numerous of ways making it more convenient for you the user. You can by items online: clothing, stocks, transfers money overseas, basically making your money do things in a faster efficient way.

Privacy on the internet doesn’t exist in my generations, and its only going to get worst for future generations. Back in my parent’s days, they never as so much put their last name on the internet, but now it’s a different story. I was born 1990, and my fellow classmates are all fans of Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other social networks. First all let me talk about the order of creations, and its propose; Myspace was design to for young ones preferable high school students to created their own webpage, to give them the freedom of being creative as much as possible. They were able to add music to their page, take any URL address and implement it into their Myspace page as the wallpaper. It’s called (MY SPACE) for a reason, but little did they know that by subscribe you limiting the about of space you have, because people were able to view your profile. But, for some reason we the user that we had control of the information, BUT WE DON’T, THE VIEWERS DO. Facebook the accident billion dollar enterprise, it was created with one purpose and one purpose only, and that was for college student males to meet college student GIRLS. Only college students were able to subscribe. But now, anyone and everyone can subscribe, and its provides people the opportunity to know what school you go to, where you live, and what city your from. Then the latest social network Twitter, doing exactly what it was design to do: to know what you’re thought. It’s a daily status update bonanza. Views will be able to know what you’re thinking about, and what is happening in your everyday life. Long story short, as the generations get young don’t care about their privacy.


  1. I have always thought about when I deposit money in the bank, that I will never see it again...I will only see the numbers on my online banking account. On a further note, it makes me wonder how we can keep track of how valuable our dollar really is.

    I remember a time when my parents would tell me to be careful who I give my last name or any information for that matter about myself. Nowadays, its all out there. Scary thought.

  2. Right! And its only going to get worst. The next generation wouldn't care about their privacy. Its a very very scary thing.

  3. I actually remember when I first started online banking. At first I was scared 'cause there's no real 'proof' of money. Now I don't know how I ever lived without...

  4. As Nicholas Negroponte put it, we've replace atoms with bits. I would like to see you engage a bit more with the reading, though.