Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Language 4-6

The illusion is set, These last chapters discussed the use of 3-D being implemented into many of todays forms of entertainment.The evolution of 3d implementation in media has been a slow one I dont think many people thought it would catch on like it did. Simply put 3-D was/is nothing more than a gimmick. But today that gimmick has taken more and more of a foothold in out entertainment. The old 3D glasses(the red and green) ones have been replaced with sleeker, more "serious"versions.
To be honest I don't think that 3D was being taken seriously at all till the movie "AVATAR" was released, the first film to be fully shot in 3D. Much like how animated movies weren't totally realized till the release of "Toy Story" with the release of both of these films there have been a ripple effect. In the years after Toy Story's release we saw a wave of Computer Generated childrens films, almost all but wiping out the traditional hand drawn films, many of us had grown up with. With the release of "AVATAR" we saw a surge in films "claiming" to be fully 3d (it was really hit or miss)
Even HDTV sets are being offered (claiming) to have a 3-D effect. Even in the world of VideoGames, companies like Nintendo are release products that are capable of 3D imagery without the need for glasses.


  1. how does this relate to Manovich?

  2. Remember when 3D movies were documentaries and you saw them at IMAX with a school group? How things change.

  3. 3D movies are really amazing. I cant believe how they are made. My boss just got the 3D TV in his home and really enjoys it with his 9 yr old twin boys. Imagine that...we used to take field trips to the IMAX and the younger generation has 3D in their home.