Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Language Ch. 4-6

 "Illusions of New Media" is about 3-D technology.  the story of Zeuxis painted grapes that were so real birds would try and eat them.  This remains true today.  NASA uses simulators so that astronauts can practice flying and landing when they get into space.  They make it as real as if they were actually in space.  Technology has been evolving for many years and now every 6 months there is some other new technology or something that is being upgraded.  Now 3-D is being used in video games, movies, art, and books.  Technology is taking the world out its 2-D phase that it has been in for many years and taking the viewer to something completely different.

Recently movies have been made in 3-D.  Science Fiction movies helped changed the way we though a movie could look.  The opening of Star Wars was the first time something of the scale had been done.  In the Lord of the Rings, Gollum was completely computer-programed but acted through movement capturing systems.  Gollum became real.  Avatar took the experience of 3-D and technology to a completely new level.  He took what was done to create Gollum and made a whole movie based on movement capture.  Technology is taking over every media that we associate ourselves with.  Movies is just the beginning.  A traditional movie that people would think would be in 2-D is now being done as 3-D.  Movies like the upcoming Three Musketeers will be in 3-D.  Harry Potter has been filmed for 3-D.  Horror films are now taking the horror out of the movie and putting it in our laps.  The world is changing for a higher demand of 3-D movies.  Books can now be read off of a kindle instead of a hardcover book.  

Technology is a huge part of our world.  Televisions are now being made for 3-D where you do not have to wear 3-D glasses.  Soon a computer will be the size of our phone and get smaller depending on how we keep adapting and improving the way our technology runs. 


  1. how do these developments relate to Manovich's arguments about three dimensionality?

  2. The way that humans have been able to innovate over the past 50 years is amazing and will only increase with time. Although we are not at the stage of 2001 A Space Odyssey, I can hope...