Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New New New New Media

Looking at New New Media, I began to think about evolution. Not necessarily in a scientific way, but the evolution of media. History shows us that some media forms become extinct because of newer and better technology takes its place. In my term paper, I take a look at one specific medium that in it's heyday revolutionized communication but now, thanks to new competing technologies is becoming less relevant. The medium I speak of is Radio, specifically terrestrial radio. Go figure, I concentrate a bulk of my education and training in a technology that may be the next to go.

Other than radio, I believe new new new media threatens all modern day prevalent communication technologies of yesteryear. The personal computer in conjunction with the almighty internet has the ability to facilitate the transportation of any message, image, sound and text. Through social media, users are getting a more personalized bevy of information. They receive what they want to. There's less of the need for the mass message when social media has given individuals a platform on the global stage.

I'd like to say this evolution will take years perhaps a lifetime to get to the point of extinction for mainstay media technologies like radio and television. I'd like to say that because I'm hoping to have a career in either of the two, but the most amazing thing of about new new media and tech-o-lution is it's speed. It's moving pretty fast now and it only seems to be getting faster. It's impossible to predict where media will be, "When I'm Sixty-Four."


  1. hahahaha I cracked up at the title of your post...

  2. In my opinion radio will continue to exist, maybe not as main stream media, but for sure as a medium of communication because it fills a need that no other media can replace. I speak of sound without picture. I hope it stays because it's my favorite thing about driving...

    Also loved the Beetles reference in your post.

  3. Also the newer generation attention span is less than what it was before. People in the younger generation get bored easily; they want to be entertain, and all of these internet media website does just that. Zoe I also agree with you on listening to the radio in the car, because that is soon going to be the only way the radio will be able to reach its users.

  4. In my opinion, I believe that radio will die down, but with internet radio and other new ways of listening to the radio it will be kept alive. Radio apps for smart phones are becoming more and more popular as well.

  5. I do wonder why cell phones don't include radio receivers, it seems so obvious to me and so easy to incorporate into the device.