Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Social Media Can Make History


  1. Entrepreneurs makes history in every century. Telegraph, newspapers, TV's, and Internet brings us quality of life. Technology is constantly changing and we are changing us as well with the new developments. I still do not know the answer how I lived before Internet? I do not remember myself without laptop. For my parents TV was medium changed their lives. Today Internet changing mine and others. In 2008 Senator Obama changed the politics when he used his Blackberry and Internet for his campaign. Facebook or any other mediums we have, serves for good cause for human history in all over the world.

  2. In this video, Clay Shirky has made many points on social capitol and how social media is changing our media and cultural landscape. I found it interesting when he began to talk about the earthquake in China and how people were reporting the earthquake as it was happening. People were quick to upload pictures of the earthquake through texts and Twitter. Television Networks were receiving information about the earthquake through Twitter. This is just a simple example how information is spread through social media where before people received information through television or the newspaper. It is clear that the spread of information is quickly evolving due to social media. As I stated before social media has changed the culture of our society. People are so used to this change that we can never go back to the days of the telegraph and newspapers. Social media has evolved the landscape of our culture and this is due the history that is being made through such sources as Twitter and Facebook.